Birmingham VOTT Also To Appear In Rock Musical, Godspell!

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When we thought that we couldn’t get any better news, well…we did! Our Birmingham choir, which is only 8 months old, will also perform in the legendary rock musical, Godspell!!

Last Saturday, in Warwick, our Birmingham singers took to the stage with only 2 weeks notice to prepare for the big day, and yet the group went on to ROCK the show’s producers and Warwick’s Art Centre!

So much so that our Birmingham vocal group have been selected to perform on June 1st & 2nd at the city’s New Alexandra Theatre, commonly known as The Alex and which has a capacity in excess of 1,300!

Ruairi Edwards, Birmingham VOTT’s Musical Director, told us that our West Midlands choir received some great feedback from the producers, saying that “the male section were brilliant and in terms of tone and projection, we were up there with the best of the choirs they’d seen auditioning up and down the country. And this for a choir which didn’t even exist a year ago!”

 Starting the audition with an extract from Coldplay’s Fix You, the group then launched straight into an all-time VOTT classic, Joyful Joyful. However, the highlight of the day for Ruairi was when every single member of the choir pointed directly to the producers, looking them square in the eyes, singing “What have you done for him lately?” It was brilliant.”

Ruairi couldn’t be more proud of his vocalists, highlighting that “a choir which is only 8 months old – featuring people who have never performed in public before – was able to go into an audition in front of West End big-hitters and blow them away, was an exceptional achievement.”

Everyone at VOTT is very proud of our Birmingham choir and massive congratulations to all the members!  Roll on June 1st & 2nd and you can get more info as well as links to tickets here.


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