New May Terms Soon To Begin… Want To Join? Sign Up Now!

So, as the first terms of 2017 come to a close across our groups, we’re already gearing up and hugely excited for the 2nd terms of the year starting in May!  And if you’d like to join a VOTT group near you, check out the start dates below and get in touch via the Sign Up page.

Having seen VOTT groups back and support the brilliant, Grammy award-winning vocal group, G4, on their national already this year, we can’t wait for lots more exciting shows and events over the coming months, of which we’re very close to announcing soon…

Allied to our brilliant, funky, soulful songs and challenging vocal arrangements, there’s lots of fun and great times to be had with our dynamic vocalists.  And to get a better idea of what and how our groups perform, check out the Media Gallery.

Is VOTT For Me?

If you’re able to sing with good pitch, hold a tune/harmony well, are comfortable about singing out, up for performing with expression and you’re up for the challenge of singing with a really vibrant vocal group (and putting in a little time each week to learn your parts), what are you waiting for?  Get in touch and SIGN UP NOW!

Start dates for each group are as below and for full term dates and the venues where we rehearse, click the link for the group you’re interested in joining.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Term 2 Start Dates:

Birmingham Choir – Thursday, May 18th

Edinburgh Choir – Wednesday, May 24th

Glasgow Choir – Monday, May 22nd

Newcastle Choir – Monday, May 8th

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