Fancy Joining? New Terms Start Sept 16th Onwards – SIGN UP!

Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle Voice of the Town Choir

As our summers terms come to an end with our brilliant singers enjoying a well-earned break for a few weeks, we’re already gearing up and getting seriously excited for our new terms starting in September!

With lots of great new songs, rehearsals and performances in store, it promises to be an absolutely action-packed, top term of music and good times…

So, if you fancy being part of one of our brilliant, funky, soulful and rockin’ choirs, register for a FREE taster session via the SIGN UP page and we’ll get right back to you with more details.

AND remember, you don’t need to be a pro singer or anything like that to join!  While we do have a number of really experienced and professional singers in our ranks, we have lots of who have more limited experience too.

So, providing you can sing with good pitch, are up for performing with energy and movement, and are able to spend a little time each week practicing your parts along with our fantastic vocal guide tracks, you’ll get on absolutely fine…

For more info regarding each of our Voice of the Town Choirs, including where we rehearse, rehearsal times and more, just click the name of the group below that you’re interested in joining!

New Term Starts

Coventry Choir:  Monday, September 16th 

Glasgow Choir: Monday, September 16th

Newcastle Choir: Monday, September 16th

Birmingham Choir: Tuesday, September 17th

Edinburgh Choir: Wednesday, September 18th


Please note, places in some of our choirs are limited/can go very quickly.  So get in touch fast and we’ll do our best to allocate you a place.

Which means, the only question left is… What are you waiting for?!  SIGN UP HERE!

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