Springing Into Action With Edinburgh’s VOTT!


Edinburgh’s VOTT choir started both the new year and term with a big change. With Founder Steve Morton taking a step back from being MD of the group to concentrate on VOTT wide responsibilities, Madaleine Pritchard, also MD of our Glasgow choir, was thrilled to take the lead.

Already halfway through term one, our Edinburgh VOTTers have adapted well and are really enjoying working with Madaleine, and gaining from her own experiences of working with the likes of Sir Tom Jones, Paul Carrack, The Commitments and Deacon Blue to name a few.  And the feeling appears to be mutual, with Madaleine excited about things to come:

“We are already six weeks into the new term and I feel time has flown by so fast.  We have been focusing on learning new material for upcoming weddings and events in Edinburgh, including our forthcoming gig with the amazing Soul Nation Choir in September.

This term has mostly been about getting to know one another since Steve’s departure, building the choir’s confidence, improving performance skills and focusing on blend, dynamics and diction whilst helping everyone to engage with the songs emotionally.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know all the personalities within the group and we have a lot of very musical people and some potentially strong section leaders too.  I’m excited about the future and leading the choir into new musical territory.”

If you like the sound of that and you would like to join a choir, there is still time to sign up for a FREE Taster Session with our Edinburgh vocal group! Rehearsals take place every Wednesday, 7pm to 9:30pm, at The Merlin, on Morningside Road! See you there!

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