Exciting News! VOTT’s On TV This Christmas – We’re Filming for BBC One ‘Christmas Special’

BBC & Voice of the Town

Yes, we’re HUGELY excited to say that on Wednesday, October 4th here at Voice of the Town, we’ll be getting the festive jumpers and scarves out to perform and appear in the filming of a BBC One ‘Christmas Special’, on location in Ayrshire, Scotland, and to be aired UK-wide and across the United States!

We can’t say too much at the moment, as it’s all top secret at the moment, but we’re really excited to bring the entertainment to the programme and for its presenter: a high-profile and much-loved British chef across British households, as well as various celebrity guests…

We have vocalists from both our Glasgow choir and Edinburgh choir appearing on camera to perform a couple of Christmas classics and a well-known carol and while we won’t be able to share specific images, you can keep up to date with how it went via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We’ll share more info when we can but expect the programme to hit screens UK-wide around the middle of December…


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