Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join?

Book a FREE taster session via our Sign Up page.  If you decide it’s not for you, there is no obligation to continue after your taster session.

Are there conditions to joining VOTT?

There are no auditions, or requirements to read music or sing solo. We do however ask that any new members can sing out with good pitch and are confident in holding a tune/harmony, are willing to do a little practice each week to learn their harmonies (all songs are memorised with no music/lyrics used in shows), are comfortable and confident in performing with expression/engaging with the music and are able to attend the majority of rehearsals to ensure effective performances. Members must be 18 years old or over. Due to the nature of our performance approach, and the standard of performances we always aim to deliver as a performance choir, we do require all members/prospective members to be able to perform the vocal parts and required movement (steps, claps etc) to a good standard. Check out our pics and videos in the Media Gallery/Youtube page to get a better idea of what this simple, fun but hugely effective movement looks like!  

How much does membership cost?

Following your free taster session, Voice of the Town membership costs £105 per term, which can be paid either in full, in two or three instalments. There are three terms per year, each consisting of 12 sessions which are held between 7pm and 9.30pm on whichever evening the relevant group rehearses.

What does membership include?

Once you have joined, you’ll gain access to the Members Area on our website, where you can download and access vocal harmony parts (sheet music and vocal guide tracks).

How do you learn songs? Can I have sheet music?

There is no requirement for our members to understand music notation or read music.  We do however use notated parts for initially learning songs which have the relevant lyrics, harmonies and directions to each particular section.  The primary resource we use for learning and memorising parts are our fantastic vocal guide tracks, which are mp3 recordings of the harmony parts found in our arrangements.

I’m not very confident/not sure how good my voice is. Can I still join?

A confident, clear voice comes primarily from practicing correct techniques, feeling relaxed and singing with and in front of other people. With Voice of the Town, you’ll get advice, encouragement, opportunities and support from everyone involved to ensure you feel relaxed and happy.  BUT, because we are performance choirs that deliver high energy shows, we do need you to be willing to sing out, to have good pitch, be confident in holding a tune/harmony, to perform with expression, and to give it your best in terms of learning parts!  You don't have to be a confident soloist with a big voice, or even want to take a solo, but you do need to be relatively strong in singing out with good pitch. Furthermore, VOTT song arrangements/harmonies can be a little more challenging than other groups', however it is that approach which has enabled us to do what we've done to date.