Karen Dunbar Turns Glasgow Central Station Into a Live Music stage

Karen Dunbar, star of Chewin’ The Fat, surprised hundreds of travellers last night at Glasgow Central Station when she and 33 singers of Voice of the Town showed up to sing ‘I belong to Glasgow’ without a warning.

The unexpected performance was recorded to be part of the upcoming four-episode documentary ‘I Belong to Glasgow’ for BBC Scotland, presented by Karen Dunbar, Sanjeev Kholi, Elaine C Smith and Alex Norton.

“When we arrived at the station, we had no idea what to expect as we had a limited amount of time to bring it all together in the middle of rush hour .” , said Madaleine Pritchard, Musical Director of Voice of the Town Glasgow. “the choir were in fine voice had a brilliant time with Karen. We even had members of the public try to join us for a chorus or two of the song.”

“I loved when these guys came out singing, they just made my day”, a traveller said.

The ‘I belong to Glasgow’ documentary will be broadcast in spring, and will show the city as it stands in 2014, not dwelling on the historical images.


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