Newcastle VOTT To Perform In Godspell!

save the date-page-001 (2)In the early hours of the last day of February, our Newcastle choir started their journey to Darlington where they auditioned for the well known musical, Godspell. A little bit nervous, but very enthusiastic, our VOTT members embarked on the train that lead them to success.

Steve Morton, Newcastle’s VOTT MD, is still over the moon with the feedback the choir received from the producers, commenting that “the group did themselves very proud.  They gave a fantastic audition which was dynamic, full of expression and personality, looked great movement-wise and sounded excellent. The producers of Godspell who were overseeing the audition, were clearly very impressed with the standard of the group, their sound and their energy and have since given us tremendous feedback.

Indeed the group’s impression on them was so strong that we’ve been given the largest venue of the North East dates and arguably at the home of touring West End productions in this area, the Sunderland Empire.  So I’m absolutely delighted with and for the group as their hard work and commitment has really paid off.  

What’s more, it’s great news for all our choirs and shows that our vocal groups are highly regarded and clearly on the right path for such opportunities in the future across our various locations.”

Moreover, our Birmingham choir is auditioning for Godspell tomorrow! Break a leg!




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